About Us

Champion Force Athletics is committed to the instruction and training of cheerleading, karate and other sports for the youth of America. In the 1950’s – Bonnie Hood had a dream to offer quality and accessible youth programs for young Americans. Unaware at the time, when Mrs. Hood began teaching baton classes to school age boys and girls, she started a family tradition. As she continued to teach, her quality instruction produced outstanding students and soon gained interest from other children, including her own children. Mrs. Hood’s class enrollment grew rapidly and sculpted the foundation of our organization. Currently, Mrs. Hood’s children are carrying her tradition throughout the United States.

Champion Force Athletics is engaged in offering the highest quality youth programs in America. Our unique operations and teaching methods have established the organization as one of America’s leaders in youth-oriented instruction. As we expand our programs and geographic footprint, we will continue to deliver the highest quality instruction possible.

Champion Force Athletics’ programs also offer competition and performace op­portunities at regional, state, national and in some sports international levels, all intended to forge experienced competitiors and create lifetime memories.

Our Philosophy

Champion Force Athletics is a youth-oriented company that strives to offer the highest quality programs at a cost that most families can afford. Champion Force Athletics believes that by maintaining affordable classes more children and families will have the opportunity to enrich their lives through recreation.

Champion Force Athletics’ quality is a direct reflection of our instructors; who are selected not only for their outstanding background qualifications and experience, but for many other strengths as well. Prior success in working with and inspiring children is very important.  All instructors are fingerprinted and screened using extensive background and reference checks. All instructors are certified in Champion Force Athletics’ safety procedures, rules and regulations, teaching techniques and curriculum. Champion Force Athletics strives to continually improve the quality of our instructors by developing and refining innovative teaching concepts and learning methods. We actively participate in our communities nationwide, based on our commitment to enriching the lives of the children we teach.  We make a difference!