Where can I find classes near me?

Just choose your state from the drop-down menu. Once you select your state, click on the Classes menu.

How much are the classes?

Depending on your state, beginning classes usually cost $6.00 – $9.00 per lesson. We also offer intermediate and advanced classes that vary by sport and region as students advance through our programs.

Can I pay weekly?

Parents can either choose to pay weekly or prepay for classes. If parents decide to prepay, they will pay for the entire session at the beginning of the semester.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, there is a nominal registration fee for each session per sport. The exact amount depends on your state.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, there are no contracts or hidden fees. We are committed to providing high quality programs without the burden of contracts.

What programs do you offer?

We are always implementing new programs nationwide. Please select your state to find which programs are offered in your area.

Our core programs are:

Martial Arts/Karate