Martial Arts/Self-Defense/Safety Awareness

Champion Force Athletics has developed one of the most exciting and comprehensive martial arts program, especially adapted for teaching children and teens. Our program incorporates the most effective defense techniques from many martial art systems coupled with a comprehensive safety awareness course to provide an unparalleled curriculum for students. One key discipline which differentiates Champion Force Athletics from other martial art organizations is our unique approach to SAFETY AWARENESS. This discipline, which is promoted in all classes, provides specialized instruction in the defense against strangers (“STRANGER DANGER”).

Champion Force Athletics is designed to teach families and children vital skills in protecting against unforeseen dangers found in today’s society. We are continually researching and formulating the most effective martial arts skills and safety information to offer the most up-to-date courses available. Although child abductions are rare, we feel it only takes one, and one is too many.  We also have discussions about bullying and what to do if a student, friend, or family member is being bullied.

Students are also taught awareness about their environment; safety measures against drugs and/or gangs; water and fire safety, as well as respect for others, doing well in school, obeying parents, and being a good citizen.  Programs are taught with hands-on demonstrations and fun exercises all geared to inspire and help children understand quickly.

Our students also learn verbal and life skills which reinforce good citizenship and family values. Many parents have commented on their child’s improved social interaction and academic performance. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in Champion Force Athletics Martial Arts Tournaments which promote good sportsmanship and fun. Students compete in various events to earn collectable medals and trophies. White belts (beginners), along with all other ranks, may participate in many events and are strongly urged to attend! Everyone is a winner! When attending class, students are asked to wear our karate uniform or comfortable, loose clothing such as shorts or sweatpants.


As students advance in rank they are taught sparring.  Sparring is light-contact controlled fighting, which is highly recommended for students advancing in all Champion Force Athletics Martial Arts programs.  Students will learn how to appropriately use learned techniques in a sport scenarios.  Sport scenarios include tournament preparation, competition rules and regulations.


Katas (also called forms) are pre-arranged martial arts techniques combined together in a floor pattern designed to represent a fight with imaginary attackers. As students progress they will be taught bunkai/oyo,  or the practical application of katas.


Students are taught hands on short self-defense techniques or wazas.  These hands on self-defense applications teach self control, distancing, body mechanics and are practiced from standing and ground fighting positions.


At the end of each semester, students are evaluated on their techniques and skills.  Based on that evaluation, students have the opportunity to advance in belt rank. Champion Force Athletics classes continue each year and students can continue to one day earn their black belt and beyond.


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