Cheerleading Classes

Champion Force Athletics is proud to offer a fun and exciting cheerleading program. Classes are available for all ages and skill levels. Practices are held once a week and teach students the fundamentals of cheer and dance. All athletes will have opportunities to showcase their new skills at competitions and events.

Cheer and Dance Fundamentals

Athletes learn the fundamentals of cheerleading and dance. Coaches teach the technical elements of motions, jumps, stunts, and dance routines. Athletes may advance to a higher level by aging up or by testing their skills. Coaches hold tryouts each season to evaluate each athlete’s skills and knowledge.

Cheer Competitions and Special Events

Each semester, a team will practice and perform at least one full routine for parents and at competitions. CFA competitions are held at the regional, state, and national levels. While these events aren’t mandatory for Recreational levels they are highly encouraged. Competitions offer athletes a chance to demonstrate their skills, to learn determination, and develop self-esteem. CFA also hosts cheerleading clinics and camps, and participates in special events like parades.

Cheerleading Program Information

Our Cheer program is divided into divisions. Divisions 1-4 are considered Recreational Levels and are perfect for beginners and younger athletes. Divisions 5-8 are considered Elite Levels and athletes must tryout for a position on these teams. Individual coaches will determine tryout criteria and requirements.

Recreation Levels

  • No cheer experience necessary
  • Every athlete is placed on a team
  • Weekly 45 minute practices – $9 per practice
  • Weekly 60 minute practices – $11 per practice
  • Special events are optional

Division 1: Beginner

  • Athletes ages 4-6 will be placed on Division 1
  • Practice 45 minutes a week

Division 2: Beginner

  • Athletes ages 7-8 will be placed on Division 2
  • Athletes 5 and up may tryout for Division 2
  • Practice 45 minutes a week

Division 3: Beginner/Intermediate

  • Athletes ages 9+ and up will be placed in Division 3
  • Athletes 6 and up may tryout for Division 3
  • Practice 45 minutes a week

Division 4: Intermediate/Advanced

  • Athletes 7 and up may tryout for Division 4
  • Practice 1 hour a week

Elite Levels

  • Athletes 7 and up may tryout for Divisions 5-8
  • Equivalent to USASF Levels 2-5
  • Weekly 2 hour practices
  • $14 per practice
  • Special events are required

Not all states offer Elite Division classes. Please visit the class list or contact our corporate office to find cheerleading classes near you.

Cheerleading Events

All cheerleaders are invited to attend and showcase their skills in Champion Force Athletics Cheerleading competitions and other special events. Visit the upcoming events calendar to learn more or to register for upcoming cheer events in your state.


Champion Force offers cheerleading competitions at the regional, state, and national levels. Athletes will perform with their team and compete against other CFA teams of the same age group and skill level. Regional competitions are open to all levels and have a nominal participation fee. State and national competitions are open to all levels who qualify to attend. Nationals are held during the summer in a different city and state each year. No matter the level of competition, all athletes win a collectible medal or trophy.

Camps and Clinics

Champion Force offers various camps and clinics throughout the year. These events are a great way for athletes to develop their skills and work together as a team. Camps and clinics are taught by highly trained individuals including collegiate coaches and athletes, well-renowned choreographers, and other leaders within the cheerleading industry. Coaches may also choose to participate in special events like parades. Visit the events page or contact our corporate office for more information on what events are offered in your area.

About Cheerleading Coaches

Every cheerleading coach is chosen for their love of the sport as well as their passion for working with young athletes. Our coaches are trained and mentored by CFA staff and are certified in ACCAA stunting to ensure they are teaching proper skill progressions and safe stunting techniques. All Elite Level coaches (Divisions 5-8) are credentialed by the U.S. All Star Federation in the levels in which they coach.

  • ACCAA Stunting Certification
  • U.S. All Star Federation Tested (Elite Levels)

Cheer Program Policies

Athletes should wear comfortable gym clothes and supportive shoes to class. Parents will be notified by email of any class cancellations. We encourage all parents to read our full list of policies before the first day of class.

Find Cheerleading Classes

Head over to the class page to see all of our cheerleading opportunities and to find programs in your state.