Champion Force Program Policies

Parents should read this information carefully. It will help answer any questions you may have and inform you of our class terms and policies. Please note: when  register your child for one of our classes, you are agreeing to these terms and policies.

What to Wear to Class

Athletes should wear comfortable gym clothes that they can move easily in and wear supportive athletic shoes. Hair must be tied back and no jewelry should be worn. No gum or candy will be allowed in class.

No Spectator Policy

Parents are welcome to sit in on the first night of class. After that, we ask that parents wait outside the teaching area to minimize any distractions. At the end of each class, your coach will invite you in for the last 5 minutes to have the athletes show you what they have been working on and for any updates on upcoming events. Parents, family and friends will be invited to attend “Parents Night/Awards Night”, which is usually held the last night of class of the season.

COVID-19 – For the Spring 2022 season ONLY athletes and staff will be allowed in the building.  All parents will receive a separate email the week your class starts detailing drop off, pick up and other COVID-19 related safety precautions.

Class Cancellations

Notifications for cancellations, class changes, or class information will be made via email, text message, or Facebook. You may also be contacted directly by your coach and/or CFA Office.

Please be sure to include a current email address and phone number when you fill out your registration form. Class cancellation notices and notification of new seasons will be emailed to that address.

COVID-19 – weekly communication and updates are even more important during this time.  Please make sure the number used can receive text messages and that you provide an email address that you check regularly.


We are guests in the facilities where classes are held and we expect our coaches, athletes, and parents to respect the facility. All children in the waiting area must be supervised at all times. At no time is it permissible for any person to roam the halls or other areas of the facility. FOOD AND DRINK ARE NOT PERMITTED. Again, we are guests and any inappropriate behavior or disrespect in these facilities could ultimately result in our program being terminated in your community.

COVID-19 – For the Spring 2022 season ONLY athletes and staff will be allowed in the building. 


Parents are required to bring athletes into the facility and sign in with the instructor/secretary at the beginning of class. At the end of class, parents must always come back into the building to pick up their athlete. Athletes will not be allowed to leave the building unattended.

COVID -19 – Your CFA Coach will reach out the week your class starts via email to go over the check in and pick up procedures that have to be followed for our 2021 season.  CFA staff will meet each child at the door where they will confirm online payment and clear parent to leave the area.  Athletes will sanitaize hands and head into the gym.  In the classroom CFA will follow social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC to the best of our ability.

Payments & Refunds

Class payments may be paid weekly or paid in full through the Parent Portal.  No payments will be taken in person and payments must be made prior to arriving at class. 

Refunds and Transfer of Payments

  • Refunds are not available nor can they be transferred for merchandise, competitions, class registration fees or classes.
  • Refunds or credits will not be given for unattended classes.
  • If you paid your class fees to a Community Ed or a Parks and Recreation, you must contact them in regards to their policies on refunds.


Merchandise is available to purchase through the Parent Portal.  All merchandise is optional; only for competitions does Champion Force Athletics require certain uniforms and accessories to participate.

  • All merchandise orders are final and are not refundable.
  • Verify all orders for accuracy and sizing at the time of pick up or delivery.
  • Exchanges must be made within 14 days of recceieving your merchandise and must be in its original packaging.
  • Orders may take up to 6 weeks to arrive at your class location.
  • Be sure to keep your emailed receipt as proof of payment until you receive your order.
  • For questions or concerns about your orders, please contact the CFA corporate office.

Cheerleading Program Policies


Divisions 1-4

If an athlete misses a class, the absence can be made up by attending two or more classes in one night. Make-up classes do have to be paid for unless you have pre-paid for classes that were missed. Though weekly attendance is not mandatory to necessarily hold a spot on the team, we ask that you keep in mind that this is a team sport and weekly attendance is appreciated. Regarding stunting safety, the head coach may decide to limit an athlete’s involvement in a stunt group if that athlete has missed too many classes.

Divisions 5-8

These are “try-out” teams and attendance may be made mandatory by your head coach in order to maintain a secure position on the team. You may also be asked to sign a separate contract drawn up by your coach to agree with any terms that they may ask for a student to be eligible to attain a spot on said team or to maintain their position on that team.

COVID-19 – CFA and our coaches understand that we will need to be flexible and work with parents on a individual basis for our 2020 and 2021 seasons regardless of athletes level. This is an unprecedented time and may cause absences to be more common.


Champion Force Athletics offers division advancement opportunities. Athletes are eligible at the age of 5 to test at the beginning or end of each season. Athletes must be at least 7 years or older to try out for an Elite Level team (Divisions 5-8). Your coach will inform you of the testing/tryout date and criteria. Testing/tryouts has a cost of $10 in addition to the $10 registration fee and/or class fee.

Your coach will make team placement decisions based on athletes’ skill evaluation, attendance, ability to follow direction, as well as the athlete’s disposition. A coach may ask that an athlete advances to the next division prior to testing if they feel the athlete is not being challenged in their current division.

Competitions & Events

Champion Force Athletics offers competitions to all of our students in every class throughout our states. The athletes will learn throughout their weekly classes a cheer routine to perform. Competitions have a participation registration fee. This is a pre-registration event. Late fees will be applied after the deadline date given. Every athlete that participates will receive a trophy/award for performing. Placements are awarded to teams after every team performs per division. Each division has a specific uniform that is mandatory to compete at Champion Force Athletics competitions.

  • Competitions for Divisions 1-4 are optional for each athlete. However it’s strongly suggested, as the class is learning as a team. We at Champion Force Athletics strongly believe the experience that competitions offer is a great way for children to learn teamwork and to build their self-confidence.
  • Competitions for Divisions 5-8 are mandatory.
  • Athletes are eligible for CFA competition until they graduate from High School. An athlete is eligible for CFA competitions regardless of age as long as they have NOT graduated from High School. Athletes that have dropped out of high school are NO longer eligible. After graduation, athletes are eligible for that year’s National Competition and will be the last event for which they are eligible. Exceptions: If a student is 16 years of age or younger and has graduated from High School, they may compete through the year of their 17th birthday. If a student graduates High School at the age of 17, they are NOT eligible past that year’s Nationals.

           COVID-19 – 2020 Senior Athlete Eligibility Extension- 2020 Senior athletes will be eligible to compete through Nationals 2021 so long as they qualify. In order to qualify for the extension, the athlete must have been a registered NYAA athlete in the Spring 2020 season and compete on a team for the same city/program in which they were registered. Clarification: The athlete may compete in a different division within the same city/program.

Camps & Clinics

Champion Force Athletics Cheerleading offers various camps and clinics throughout the year for athletes to receive additional training. There is a registration fee to attend CFA camps and clinics. These events are strongly recommended for skill advancement, team building, and safety.



Champion Force Athletics teams Divisions 4 and higher are permitted to conduct fundraisers that are approved by the CFA office. Participating students must sign a permission slip before persons are eligible to participate in any fundraiser. All money earned through CFA team fundraisers may only be used toward CFA Camps, Clinics or the NYAA National Cheer Competition. If a team would like to use funds for any other reason, the coach must contact the CFA office for approval.

CFA Bullying Policy

Read our organization’s bullying policy.

CFA Sexual Abuse Prevention

Read our organization’s sexual abuse prevention policy.